Daniel Escale Photography

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I was born in Barcelona in the mid-70s

From very early on, I was attracted to everything related to images.

Since I was 17 years old, I've been working with 3D animation, motion-graphics and video editing.

I have acquired extensive experience in digital editing and post-production. This experience has helped me to attain a very high level in photographic retouching.

Planet Earth is an amazing place that always surprises me with so many fascinating people; human creatures with no limits and fantastic unknown stories.

They say that photography provides a special way of looking at the world. Fortunately, it is also a way of living every day.



· Silver Lux Photography Award - 2011 Edition - (Thematic Report category) from AFP Spanish Professional Photographers Association)

· Semifinalist – Emmy International (Art Programs Regional Emy) - 2005
Salvador Dalí – Art Documentary

· Golden Muse Winner – Promax & BDA Europe Awards - 2004